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David Grant

Wed Apr 21 2021

  • UX/UI Designer
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For my Final Major Project at University, I set my own brief to create an Operating System (OS) that centres around a Voice User Interface (VUI). I felt that the current OS’s for popular smart devices such as Android and iOS are too distracting for the user, creating bad habits that the user then finds difficult to break. I thought a new OS that has a healthier relationship between the user and their device would increase productivity and create a better human experience with their day to day lives.

Problem: We are living in a world where we can easily be distracted from the task at hand. Notifications and endless scrolling are two of the main features which help businesses increase the amount of time a user spends on an app. However, it can also create an overall negative experience by reducing the time the user spends doing important tasks.

Solution: Focus is a new OS that puts the user's goals and needs first by recapturing the users attention to the task in hand, making it less distracting. The back bone to the OS is Maytee, a Smart Assistant that has access to all the users information in every app.

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There is no home page for your apps. Instead the user speaks into the device to either call the assistant or open an app. Tap and select different task options to configure the type of task you want to complete. Listen and the assistant will provide the user with feedback and reminders. The Smart Assistant can listen out for multiple tasks set by the user and will return a chain of tasks in multiple apps that the user can confirm or otherwise. Tasks that weren’t completed earlier can also be re-organised for a better suited time. To help the Assistant know how you’re getting along, Maytee will message the user to find out their progress periodically.

Focus comes with all the core tools that your Assistant will need to keep track of the users life. Particular tasks that the Assistant can carry out are: Scheduling appointments and meetings in the Calendar; messaging friends and colleagues in Contacts, or setting Reminders as well as organising notes in Projects. When the Assistant is called, the device screen is split into "multi-task" mode. This is where the user is currently working in one app but the Assistant can listen to the user and create tasks in other apps.

This was the biggest project that I have done, designing over 50 unique mockups. The most challenging part of the brief was the scale of the project and sticking to the design components that make up the OS. If you want to find out more, I would be more than happy to talk to you about the development, and my design thinking behind the project, at an interview.