Hot Pot

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David Grant

Wed Jan 06 2021

  • UI/ UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Designer
  • Branding Research
  • Sketches & Wireframes
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My favourite meal is a bowl, filled with couscous, chicken and salad. I love it so much, that I decided to design a website that could deliver my favourite meal to my door I combined the vast selection that a takeaway chain like, for instance, Subway offers, along with the ease of ordering food online and having it delivered directly to you just like Just Eat does.

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Hot Pot is centered around the gloriness of couscous. Inspired by its North African originality, Hot Pot invites the customer to try a wide variety of different flavoured couscous with added extras. Using the web app, the menu is divided into four sections: Couscous, Meat or Fish, Salad and Extras. Making your way through each section, the customer can pick and then add whatever they want for a personalised great tasting meal.

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The Hot Pot brand has a core mission to substitute the lowly sandwich on-a-plate to the delicious couscous-in-a-bowl. Starting with one takeaway shop, the brand has an aspiring dream to become a large chain spreading all across the world. Considered a healthier alternative to some of the other fast food outlets, Hot Pot can serve all customers with different dietry requirements. Inspired by the street food of North Africa, the branding is fun and welcoming and the food is served in highly decorative tagines.