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David Grant

Mon Mar 08 2021

  • UX/UI Designer
  • App Design
  • Sketches & Wireframes
  • Hifi Mockups
  • Questioned Morals
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Instagram has an underlining message that the users share perfectly photoshopped photos, trying to be discovered by other users around the world by using hashtags and stories. The more likes and followers the user gets, makes the user more happy, and releases all of that lovely dopamine into the brain. However, this can all become very fake, very quickly. I decided to test how fake a society could be by creating a parody app based on popularity and competition. Please by aware, the app itself has terrible ethical implication's and its only purpose is to mock the use of a fake online society that may, or may not, exist today.

Introducing Rankr: The worlds first popularity ranking system!

No more swiping right for matches, instead you swipe for ratings. (I know, please bear with me). Swipe right to rate someone higher, and swipe left to rate them lower. Each player you swipe has their own card. Each card you look at has a picture, username and their score. The score ranges from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) and the aim is to rank as high as possible so that you reach the pinacle of being Number #1. As you can’t rank yourself you must invest in creating an outstanding profile. When a player taps on your card, it expands to show your profile and they can then see our most recent check in, your bio and a gallery of photos. All of this information must be used to best describe yourself.

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Checking out the leaderboard is a fun way to stay motivated and keep track of your overall position between you and the rest of the players. The overall aim of Rankr is to get to #1, so the Leaderboard is a great way to view what other players are doing differently which is giving them a higher ranking. The Leaderboard always has the top 3 players showing as well as your current rank...If you are lower down! You can view your position either globally, and see where you rank compared to other players across the world, or see where you rank just between your friends.

Back to reality now. Describing this app felt like I was in some kind of twisted Utopian world based on the Citadel from The Hunger Games, combined with a Black Mirror episode! This is a parody app that is based on stories from users in real social media apps that act completely different to what they post online. If you are interested or have any further questions about how this app works because believe me, I’ve thought long and hard about it, then contact me so we can chat about how twisted this is. Or, if you would like to see how I designed it, please contact me so we can meet for an interview.