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David Grant

Sun Sep 17 2023

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Bijoux De Mimi is more than just a jewelry brand; it's a testament to passion, resilience, and youthful entrepreneurship. Founded during the pandemic by the visionary Amelia Hitchcock-Merritt, this case study delves into our partnership to rebrand and redesign Bijoux De Mimi's Shopify website. We aimed to provide a seamless and flexible online experience while highlighting the brand's remarkable journey.

Project Background

Bijoux De Mimi was born from Amelia's wanderlust adventure in Paris, where she discovered a gap in the UK jewelry market. With a mere £400 investment and unwavering determination, Amelia transformed a bedroom startup into a flourishing jewelry brand. The brand offers versatile everyday jewelry that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Elegance in Every Piece

At Bijoux De Mimi, every piece of jewelry tells a story of determination, creativity, and innovation. With Amelia's relentless drive to bring colorful jewelry to the world, the brand has captivated audiences and garnered a remarkable following, including 36k Instagram followers and over 3.5 million TikTok likes.

Emerging Brand

Nominated for several national fashion awards and stocked in global stores like Urban Outfitters and Wolf & Badger New York, Bijoux De Mimi stands as an inspiring example of a young CEO's journey to success.

Our Partnership

Our collaboration with Bijoux De Mimi aimed to rebrand and redesign their Shopify website. We worked closely with Amelia to achieve the following goals:

Goals from the Client

  1. Rebranding:

    Develop a new brand identity that reflects the brand's vibrant and youthful spirit.

  2. Website Redesign:

    Create an intuitive and visually appealing Shopify website that offers flexibility in colors, typography, and buttons.

  3. Bug Fixes:

    Address and resolve existing bug issues that were previously hardcoded into the website.

  4. User Engagement:

    Implement interactive elements such as videos, product showcases, and a blog to engage and educate customers.

  5. eCommerce Optimisation:

    Enhance the online shopping experience, streamline the checkout process, and integrate secure payment options.


Our collaboration with Bijoux De Mimi was an inspiring journey. Amelia's passion and dedication to her brand fueled our desire to create a unique online experience that mirrors her vision.


Since the rebrand and website redesign, Bijoux De Mimi has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate the user-friendly interface, diverse product range, and Amelia's personal touch in creating content. The bug issues that plagued the previous website have been resolved, resulting in a smoother shopping experience.


Bijoux De Mimi continues to evolve and expand, earning recognition in the jewelry industry. Our partnership has empowered Bijoux De Mimi to enhance its online presence, allowing more people to discover and enjoy its elegant jewelry pieces.

If you're seeking to rebrand, redesign, or elevate your online presence, contact us today. We are committed to helping brands tell their unique stories and reach their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "What makes Bijoux De Mimi unique?"

    • Bijoux De Mimi stands out for its remarkable journey, led by a young CEO, Amelia Hitchcock-Merritt. The brand offers versatile and colorful everyday jewelry that resonates with its audience.

  • "Where can I find Bijoux De Mimi's jewelry?"

    • Bijoux De Mimi's jewelry is available on their Shopify website, Urban Outfitters, and Wolf & Badger New York.

  • "What's next for Bijoux De Mimi?"

    • The brand continues to grow and expand its product range. Upcoming plans include launching Pink Noise, a hearing aid-friendly jewelry line, in partnership with Deaf Metal and supporting the non-profit organization 'Living with hearing loss.'

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